We believe in sincere Love, elegant and refined,

the kind that doesn’t need ostentatious displays

but is expressed through deep, meaningful glances,

subtle complicity, intertwined hands, and whispers in the ear.

That’s why we specialize in crafting intimate weddings and luxurious elopements,

meticulously designed to reflect your love story through personalized design, meticulous

attention to detail, and sophisticated allure.

We transform the wedding of your dreams into a timeless masterpiece, 

where refinement meets intimacy, where elegance meets emotion,

leaving indelible, precious memories in your mind to cherish forever.

Discover our Services



Step by step, we will guide you in organizing your intimate wedding, taking care of the planning and design with the goal of making the most beautiful day of your life unforgettable, and offering a unique experience to you and your guests in the stunning region of Puglia.

Wherever your heart wants, we will locate the ideal setting to suit your demands and style, be it on a beach or atop a cliff, in a typical masseria surrounded by olive trees or among trulli, in a charming castle or an old historical residence. We will plan your wedding in every single detail, we will create stylish particulars in a bespoke and unique design thought for you.

To ensure every couple receives the attention they deserve and the right intimacy, we accept no more than 5 weddings a year with a maximum of 50 guests. This approach allows us to guarantee a high-quality service, utmost care in preparation, and enables you to enjoy a wonderful and unforgettable day.

If you require further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.



We will celebrate the essence of your love and your eternal vow away from outside distractions and inside the enchanted scenery of Puglia, creating a unique, private, and authentic event only for you.

We will organize your event and create a custom design that perfectly captures your style and individuality. We will carefully attend to every last detail. It will be a private, heartfelt moment, a real love getaway, just for you.

We accept elopements with a maximum of 15 guests in order to provide each couple with the time and attention they need as well as the ideal level of intimacy. This way, we can guarantee excellent service, the highest level of care in the planning, and the freedom to enjoy an amazing and memorable day.

If you require further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

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