Always by your side

Welcome, I am Luana.

From a young age, I’ve been deeply passionate about Style, Colors, Art and Beauty. This led me, at a very young age, to start working for a fashion multinational.
My journey there, encompassing diverse managerial roles and extensive travel throughout Italy, allowed me to hone my sense of aesthetics and explore the art of creating harmonious experiences. Alongside this, I developed skills in management and organizational processes, further enriching my expertise with a master’s degree in marketing and communication.

After a decade, driven by my insatiable curiosity and eagerness to embrace new experiences, I embarked on a new creative journey. I’ve been working in the Wedding industry as a Planner and Designer since 2017, and I’m now also an Consultant and Bridal Stylist.

I believe beauty belongs to joyful hearts.

To those who courageously follow their own path.

To those who embrace their uniqueness and turn it into a strength.

I believe in that spark that lights up in the heart and eyes, guiding you intuitively towards the right choice.

I believe in the elegance of gestures, words, and being.

Guided by this vision, I created ALLÚRE STUDIO, an intimate and elegance space, designed
for women, brides, and couples with gentle, profound spirits who value self-care, relish personal moments, and adore the intricate beauty of details as a true reflection of their inner essence and unique personalities.

In each consultation or project, whether it’s Wedding Design, Bridal, or Personal Styling, I delve into every nuance of your personality to bring it out with elegance and sophistication.

In doing so, I let my fine perceptions guide me, the same ones I strive to convey to you, regardless of the service you choose. You can be assured of having me by your side at every step, supporting you always by your side.

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